Monday, July 06, 2009

Google / Microsoft = 63%

Let's look at the current status as of writing this blog post:A small small inclince from last week - but hey: Rome wasn't build in one day. It seems that the markets currently have realised, that this recession is not going to be over as quick as some optimists first thought. The ride up was long and steep, so probably also the recession is going to take a while. It's like doing SEO in Dubai or anywhere else - you have to have a little patience.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Google / Microsoft = 62%

Let's look at the current status as of writing this blog post:62% - it's NOT looking good for Google's market value. Could this be a good time to buy Google shares? One important point: Recently Google announced that they would put A LOT of development into Google Docs, which is the free online based software package. They deny competing against Google, but I know for myself that I primarily use Google Spreadsheets and Google Text at the expense of Microsoft Office.

Sure they cannot compete with the functionality og Microsoft Office yet - but that might change in the next few years. And then it's free compared to the expense software from Microsoft.