Thursday, December 03, 2009

Google / Microsoft = 70%

Let's look at the current status as of writing this blog post:Google is still "just" at 70% of Microsoft's value. So its the same as last time we checked in a month ago. I guess there is going to be no free lunch for Google in reaching the level of Microsoft in market value. They have to work hard at both growing the revenue and by keeping down the costs before the market will take them to Microsofts level.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Google / Microsoft = 70%

Let's look at the current status as of writing this blog post:Google has gained on Microsoft! Sine last time Google has announced that they are pushing hard on their free web based software Google Docs, which competes with Microsoft, although this is probably not the main reason that Google has gained more value compared to Microsoft.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Google / Microsoft = 67%

Let's look at the current status as of writing this blog post:Summer is over and it's time to have a look at the statistics again.. Google has gained on the market value of Microsoft. One of the interesting things that have happened is the fact that Google has announced that they are building their own free operating system called Google Chrome. This is not the browser but actually a new operating system. No doubt it would take long time for Google to gain momentum here, but one thing that can help them is the quite large price tag that Microsoft has ended up having on Windows in order to continously grow their revenue - it leaves them vulnerable, when someone like Google say that they will make a quality operating system focused on todays Internet use and do it FREE.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Google / Microsoft = 63%

Let's look at the current status as of writing this blog post:A small small inclince from last week - but hey: Rome wasn't build in one day. It seems that the markets currently have realised, that this recession is not going to be over as quick as some optimists first thought. The ride up was long and steep, so probably also the recession is going to take a while. It's like doing SEO in Dubai or anywhere else - you have to have a little patience.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Google / Microsoft = 62%

Let's look at the current status as of writing this blog post:62% - it's NOT looking good for Google's market value. Could this be a good time to buy Google shares? One important point: Recently Google announced that they would put A LOT of development into Google Docs, which is the free online based software package. They deny competing against Google, but I know for myself that I primarily use Google Spreadsheets and Google Text at the expense of Microsoft Office.

Sure they cannot compete with the functionality og Microsoft Office yet - but that might change in the next few years. And then it's free compared to the expense software from Microsoft.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Google / Microsoft = 64%

Let's look at the current status as of writing this blog post:Wow.. 64% - the lowest so far for Google. Does is mean that Microsoft is gaining ground? Could - the new search engine from Microsoft - be the cause? It seems to have gather some user momentum.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When Will Google Surpass Microsoft In Value? Now At 71%

Let's look at the current status as of writing this blog post:Well well.. Google has gained a little ground and is now at the highest since I actually started tracking this specifically in March. 71% - not bad for Google - when will they surpass Microsoft? And will they?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

When Will Google Surpass Microsoft In Value? Now At 67%

Let's look at the current status as of writing this blog post:
This leaves Google 67% - a slight decline since end of March.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

When Google Will Overtake Microsoft In Market Cap

It's a matter of time. Google WILL overtake Microsoft in Market Cap / value on the stock market. They have a better product and strategic position and Microsoft is no doubt threatened not only by Google but also cheaper or even free online software offerings.

Let's look at the current status:
  • Microsoft valued at $161 billion
  • Google valued at $110 billion
  • Yahoo! valued at $18 billion
Compared to current number one this leaves the following status:
  • Google is at 68% of Microsoft value
  • Yahoo! is at 11% of Microsoft value
I once had an argument with a true Microsoft supporter (3 years ago). He said that Google NEVER would surpass Microsoft in value. I said that they would at the very latest latest 10 years from that time - which would then be 2015. Lets see - I will believe that Google will have a higher market cap than Microsoft before 2015 ends - probably a lot sooner.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where To Invest Now

If you have to choose to invest in Yahoo!, Microsoft or Google the choice should be clear:
  1. There is absolutely no reason to invest in Yahoo! currently. They are loosing on the search battlefield and don't really have any other drivers for growth in the near term
  2. Microsoft still generates a lot of cash but the threat from free online software like Google Docs is a real threat and in the search area they are still loosing to Google
  3. Google is in my view the only attractive investment of the three in the current situation. However, is it even attractive to buy in the current market with the uncertainties around the world? That is an individual choice and up to yourself

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Arabic SEO and Arabic SEM launched

In Dubai First SEO we just launched SEO and SEM in Arabic language. We now inhouse handle both SEO and SEM in English, Arabic and Danish.

We run SEM campaigns in 233 countries and do SEO in 8 languages across the globe. The five langauges apart from Danish, Arabic and English are outsourced to "best of breed" SEO partners across the world. Contact for any SEO or SEM need.

Monday, February 23, 2009

So invest in SEO and SEM also in Dubai

So my point is: Investing in SEO and SEO is often the very best marketing investment you can make. Our expertise in Dubai First SEO is full service SEO and SEM for Dubai and UAE and Denmark.

For SEO that means:
  • Full search engine optimization of webpage
  • Full link building
For SEM that means:
  • Full campaign creation
  • Full text writing
  • Full ongoing optimization

Launched Dubai First SEO with focus on SEO and SEM in Dubai and UAE

Last summer I quit my great job as Commercial Manager at It was three great years with a lot of online media buying across many European markets. But I thought that the height of the financial crisis was a great time to launch my own business. And surprise - it turned out to be.

Even though a lot of industries are experiencing tough times with less demand, then the SEO & SEM industry delivers so amazing value to its clients that even in these times the clients keep asking for SEO and SEM.

What I launched was Dubai First SEO with a focus on SEO and SEM in Dubai and UAE. The need for search engine optimization and search engine marketing in Dubai and UAE is huge. Lots of homepages needs optimization and really get dramatic results with a fair effort. As for SEM and Adwords there is also really a great potential as there are not that many active advertisers yet, which means lower prices for top spots on Adwords.

Okay its been almost 2½ years

It's been a busy time. Almost 2½ years since last I wrote. I got caught up in a couple of projects that took a lot of my spare time.

2 years ago I helped launch, where we in Denmark sell dog and cat articles with always a minimum of 3% going to animal charity. We are still going strong and fine tuning the business. My part in this is mainly working with our SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and coordinating a lot on our SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 2009 will be a year with nice growth for us.

Also I sold my last Google options before the end of 2007. I felt everything was a bit shaky at the time. I probably should have followed that hunch even more and stayed in cash. Instead I went ahead and bought shares in Google. They have lost around 45% right now, but still a lot better than options, which would have vanished by now.

I still believe big time in search and also in Google's future. Search as a marketing tool is by far the most efficient with the highest ROI of any tools. SEO should for all companies have 1st priority followed by SEM.