Thursday, November 21, 2013

Google / Microsoft = 110%

Let's have a look at the current market valuations this morning:
It has finally happened and has been the case for quite a while now. As I predicted in 2005 and was only a matter of time before Google became a more valuable company than Microsoft. And believe me, this trend will only continue. Microsoft will move towards less importance whilst Google is growing in power and value. The only real threat to Google right now is a company like Facebook and garage companies creating disruption from grassroots up. 

On a personal note I am still after 5,5 years working in the SEO Dubai industry helping clients to get visible on the first page of Google. Both through SEO, but also through Google Adwords, where we were the first certified partner in the region. The new things that are going to move here now and that we are betting on are affiliate marketing and YouTube advertising. Have a great day all!