Sunday, March 29, 2009

When Google Will Overtake Microsoft In Market Cap

It's a matter of time. Google WILL overtake Microsoft in Market Cap / value on the stock market. They have a better product and strategic position and Microsoft is no doubt threatened not only by Google but also cheaper or even free online software offerings.

Let's look at the current status:
  • Microsoft valued at $161 billion
  • Google valued at $110 billion
  • Yahoo! valued at $18 billion
Compared to current number one this leaves the following status:
  • Google is at 68% of Microsoft value
  • Yahoo! is at 11% of Microsoft value
I once had an argument with a true Microsoft supporter (3 years ago). He said that Google NEVER would surpass Microsoft in value. I said that they would at the very latest latest 10 years from that time - which would then be 2015. Lets see - I will believe that Google will have a higher market cap than Microsoft before 2015 ends - probably a lot sooner.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where To Invest Now

If you have to choose to invest in Yahoo!, Microsoft or Google the choice should be clear:
  1. There is absolutely no reason to invest in Yahoo! currently. They are loosing on the search battlefield and don't really have any other drivers for growth in the near term
  2. Microsoft still generates a lot of cash but the threat from free online software like Google Docs is a real threat and in the search area they are still loosing to Google
  3. Google is in my view the only attractive investment of the three in the current situation. However, is it even attractive to buy in the current market with the uncertainties around the world? That is an individual choice and up to yourself

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Arabic SEO and Arabic SEM launched

In Dubai First SEO we just launched SEO and SEM in Arabic language. We now inhouse handle both SEO and SEM in English, Arabic and Danish.

We run SEM campaigns in 233 countries and do SEO in 8 languages across the globe. The five langauges apart from Danish, Arabic and English are outsourced to "best of breed" SEO partners across the world. Contact for any SEO or SEM need.