Sunday, March 29, 2009

When Google Will Overtake Microsoft In Market Cap

It's a matter of time. Google WILL overtake Microsoft in Market Cap / value on the stock market. They have a better product and strategic position and Microsoft is no doubt threatened not only by Google but also cheaper or even free online software offerings.

Let's look at the current status:
  • Microsoft valued at $161 billion
  • Google valued at $110 billion
  • Yahoo! valued at $18 billion
Compared to current number one this leaves the following status:
  • Google is at 68% of Microsoft value
  • Yahoo! is at 11% of Microsoft value
I once had an argument with a true Microsoft supporter (3 years ago). He said that Google NEVER would surpass Microsoft in value. I said that they would at the very latest latest 10 years from that time - which would then be 2015. Lets see - I will believe that Google will have a higher market cap than Microsoft before 2015 ends - probably a lot sooner.

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