Monday, May 01, 2006

Google EBITDA $1 Billion

For some reason Google did not report their EBITDA number - or at least for the first time I could not find it in their 2006 Q1 statement. I have found else where on the net, that it should be $1 billion. That is a pretty need number that gives them a yearly EBITDA growth on 83% versus Yahoo!'s EBITDA growth on a disappointing 26%. Why people still think that Yahoo!'s numbers where so great surprises me, because the numbers clearly show that Google is leaving Yahoo! seriously behind.

I expect Yahoo! to show yearly EBITDA growth going forward on 20%-30%, while Google probably will end up just north of 50% the next few years. Its still a high growth for the company, but obviously down from the previous EBITDA growth rates above 100%.

Added: This means that the growth from Q4 was 23% - where I was expecting 25%-30%.

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