Thursday, April 20, 2006

Google Above $500 Before June

If you read my last post, you see why Q1 is the biggest quarter by far for Google. Last year proved that as well. I believe that Google can show EBITDA growth 25%-30% higher than Q4 - where people search less due to the holiday season. Q1 is the three months were nothing obstruct people from doing a lot of searches - ask anyone who buys keywords on AdWords.

If Google DO grow EBITDA 30% - I believe the share could grow 30% as well, as expectations are intact (stay around same P/E level). The math is pretty simple: Current share price of $410 - ad 30% growth - ad the same P/E that gives us a share price of $533.

Last year Q1 growth was 45% over Q4 - I believe 30% is more realistic this year. It took 1,5 months for the share price to adjust 45% up last year - that is why I say "$533 before June".

Disclaimer: Buying equities are FULL of RISK.. make your own choice - and remember its your own responsibility. I have been wrong before - and I will be wrong again ;)

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