Thursday, November 16, 2006

Google above $700 after 2007 Q1

Q4 should be able to grow Google's buttomline by 10% at least - as this
is the 2nd strongest Google/search quarter. However Q1 is going to be
the BIG Q as always for Google.. in Q1 you have 3 major months of
winter/media/Internet activity without any holiday season to take
peoples time away from media.

I see Google in $550-$600 in the first two weeks after Q4 come out
around 20th of January - and then at around $700 when the huge Q1 is
reported around 20th of April. My argument is simply that Google's P/E
does not get smaller than this (so the share can't fall without a fall
in profit) and the growth in Q4 and Q1 will push the share to $700
after Q1 is reported in April.


Anders Kargaard Jensen said...


Mark said...

I was searching on for Yahoo vs Microsoft, and found your blog.. very interesting. But what's wrong with date, 2006?

Anders Kargaard Jensen said...

Yeah I know the date is old.. unfortunately I haven't really written anything here since 1½ year ago.. but hey - at least already in 2006 I suggested that Yahoo! should have outsourced search revenues to Google ;)

Henrik Stenmann said...

Is this blog dead?