Monday, February 23, 2009

Okay its been almost 2½ years

It's been a busy time. Almost 2½ years since last I wrote. I got caught up in a couple of projects that took a lot of my spare time.

2 years ago I helped launch, where we in Denmark sell dog and cat articles with always a minimum of 3% going to animal charity. We are still going strong and fine tuning the business. My part in this is mainly working with our SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and coordinating a lot on our SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 2009 will be a year with nice growth for us.

Also I sold my last Google options before the end of 2007. I felt everything was a bit shaky at the time. I probably should have followed that hunch even more and stayed in cash. Instead I went ahead and bought shares in Google. They have lost around 45% right now, but still a lot better than options, which would have vanished by now.

I still believe big time in search and also in Google's future. Search as a marketing tool is by far the most efficient with the highest ROI of any tools. SEO should for all companies have 1st priority followed by SEM.

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