Monday, February 23, 2009

Launched Dubai First SEO with focus on SEO and SEM in Dubai and UAE

Last summer I quit my great job as Commercial Manager at It was three great years with a lot of online media buying across many European markets. But I thought that the height of the financial crisis was a great time to launch my own business. And surprise - it turned out to be.

Even though a lot of industries are experiencing tough times with less demand, then the SEO & SEM industry delivers so amazing value to its clients that even in these times the clients keep asking for SEO and SEM.

What I launched was Dubai First SEO with a focus on SEO and SEM in Dubai and UAE. The need for search engine optimization and search engine marketing in Dubai and UAE is huge. Lots of homepages needs optimization and really get dramatic results with a fair effort. As for SEM and Adwords there is also really a great potential as there are not that many active advertisers yet, which means lower prices for top spots on Adwords.


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Liam Rowe said...

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