Thursday, April 06, 2006

Google to supply free Wi-Fi in San Francisco with Earthlink

Another great news for Google! Sure this is not the final decisive battle - but a really important head start on the way to develop a business model, where Google can make tons of money on local ads and develop new services! And even though they say that they will only concentrate on SF because all their employees live there and HQ hometown - then don't believe it. Its like when they told Yahoo! they would concentrate on being a search engine..

Google is here to make money - and its OK with me. And make money they will, when they blanket USA and later the rest of the worlds populated places with free Wi-Fi. The cost of providing it will go down each year, and the money to be made is going to go up each year. I believe that it will be a profit even from the start. A few years down the road it will become extremely profitable for Google. Remember that Google today generate about 1/3 of all online revenue, so even before they develop new services based on knowing peoples exact location and before serving local ads again based on location (which the competition won't be able to) they will actually make a lot just from the Internet usage rising because of free access!

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