Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Google Is Not A Search Engine

Some journalists, brokers and analysts are still afraid that Google is diversifying too much away from a search company by:
  • Offering free Wi-Fi
  • Building Gmail/email
  • Creating a payment service
  • Developing a classified feeds format
  • Making a news site
  • Building a messenger client (by the way with superior Voice over IP quality)
  • Creating Google Maps
  • Etc etc

I don't agree! Google is no longer a search engine - its primarily a user aggregator. Its all about making a lot of products, some are brilliant but not all. But those that are brilliant and catch on, gain a lot of eye balls. As Yahoo!'s former CEO Timothy Koogle once said: "Dollars follows eyeballs". That is exactly what Google is all about these days. The difference with Google is:

  1. They started out with a superior search engine gaining by far the largest amount of search queries
  2. Which generated the largest base of advertisers of any of the online media
  3. Which generated the largest online revenue stream ever
  4. Which in turn created the largest online R&D budget on the planet (yes even more than Microsoft) (And due to the high growth of the revenue -> high growth of the stock price -> Google being the most attractive place to work financially due to the more attractive employee stock options compared to the lackluster flat no growth shares of Microsoft)
  5. Which again leads to the fact - that unless Google get arrogant about their products quality and fail to be humble and paranoid about competitors product innovations - well then they will rock this online planet for a looong time

So my point is: Don't be afraid that Google will get confused and loose focus because they build other products - they are just aggregating users, and with their superior advertiser base, they can capitalize on these products far better than any of their competitors.

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