Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Reuters: Sun, Google in office software distribution pact

Apparently it is happening! A Java Desktop and Open Office from Sun will be distributed by Google. I will follow up with more comments later. Just had to pass the news on!

Well I have now seen the webcast and read about 30 news stories on the topic. Before I write a longer comment - which I will within days - then I must say, this is GOOD news for any Google or Sun investor. Personally I am long in Google, and I certainly will stay that after this. This is history changing. One paradigm being replaced by another, it will just take 2-3 years to be fully happening, but it will happen. Good luck Microsoft, it will be uphill for you from now on!


Anonymous said...

On this note:

Jonathan Schwartz (President of Sun Microsystems) claimed on Saturday on this post of his blog that "the world is about to change this week", predicting new ways to access software....


Anders Kargaard Jensen said...

And so it will - the world will be a different place. I believe this is the most significant event in the IT industry since launch of graphical Internet in 1993.

It is the most fatal blow to Microsoft, and will be significant in Google's strive to become more valuable and more succesfull than Microsoft has ever been.

Qvako said...

I wish Google and Sun will combine forces and become serious adversary to Microsoft. From this competition between G.+S. vs M. end user will profit. So let the show begin :-)