Sunday, October 09, 2005

Popular to down play Google-Sun alliance

Surely Google and Sun didn't get all that concrete last Tuesday when they announced their joint efforts. But why does everyone influential have to jump the "Yeah - I can't really see what's gonna come from this either" boat? So GS (Google-Sun) wanted to let everyone know that they were going to cross promote before a lot of products are ready to be shipped. Well its not that bad. The potential here is really amazing. Don't worry smart people - the products are going to come!

There is one major reason that the free Office from GS will come: Microsoft's best chance to gain share in Search (which is so extremely lucrative) is with money from Office (41% of their operating income) and with integration of Search into office. This leaves Office as the most powerful weapon MSFT has in its arsenal to compete with Google. This naturally leaves Google with a desire to gain market share in Office - not necessarily for themselves - but for Sun is fine, as long as its share taken from Microsoft. At the same time Google can get and will get the same integration into Open Office that Microsoft is planning for MSN Search in their coming operating system Vista's Office.

But hasn't it been tried so many times before - attacking MSFT Office? Yes it has. But every single time without proper distribution apart from people being able to download it from somewhere. This time around it is backed by mighty popular Google, where Open Office can be integrated into many of the functions of Google Toolbar, Gmail, Gtalk etc. etc. Also Google has build the world's largest parallel computer covering no less than "earth". With this extraordinary power Internet based software actually becomes possible. Expect Google to support it by free broadband. If they can supply free Wi-Fi, then why not free broadband? It will be paid for by Adwords of course. If Yahoo! in their new beta mail have changed everything to feel as easy, quick and nimble as a desktop application, although it is just online - then it must be a matter of time, before Google can do the same.

So don't worry - you didn't hear those vast product launches last Tuesday, but you can be sure, that they will come! Its probably the most important priority for Google the next 2-3 years.

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