Monday, October 03, 2005

Techweb: Google's Patents Reveal Strategy To Beat Microsoft

This article reveals some truly great points from the new book "The Google Legacy" by author Stephen E. Arnold. I must say once again.. I totally agree! The article is a really good read! The two below passages are from the article:

In placing Google’s patents under microscopic scrutiny, Arnold said he believes Google is not so much protecting its past technology innovation, but is positioning itself for the future with the first stop targeting Yahoo!’s Web advertising. Microsoft will come into its gun sights later.

“These patents suggest that Google is looking beyond search, possibly targeting such companies as Microsoft, as Google tries to become the leading info tech company of the 21st Century,” he said


Leigh said...

Google wants to bring consumers into its ecosystem as soon as they open their PC, and completely bypass the Windows desktop ecosystem. Google wants to be the dominant brand in the consumer digital space. In this model, the PC and Windows are just a conduit to the web, necessary only to manage the hardware and peripherals, and Google is like an internet operating system. Google is following an integrated model offering many services in one place (not unlike what Microsoft did with Office on the PC) so a home PC user can do most of what they want to do from the Google platform.. Google uses each of its services to promote its other services – search, mail, blog, social networking, photo management, shopping, TV and movies, etc.

Anders Kargaard Jensen said...

Hi Leigh - thanks for the comment! I believe you are so right! Great inside - much appreciated! :)